Our NeuStratos® Platform brings research to production.

We have developed the NeuStratos® platform starting in 2010, building upon custom modular solutions supporting existing and emerging technology platforms for Web 2.0 design.

Data objects are defined and oriented in a parent/child hierarchy with defined access and classification controls that can incorporate inheritance. A strictly typed dynamic taxonomy allows for rapid deployments over multiple business purposes through configuration without requiring any substantial programming effort. Authentication and Authorization access control rules can be set granularly at the object level or higher if business rules require. Data at rest or in motion can be encrypted to the highest commercial levels.

Prior and current deployments of this platform include:

  • Private Social Network
  • Global Enterprise Media and Conference Room Management
  • Data Center Infrastructure and Demand Forecasting
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Market (Seller and Buyer) Network Exchange
  • Secure Mobile Device Management
  • Secure Paper Ballot Voting