Edge Device Solutions

The edge device is the starting point of the NeuStratos® data governance process. We have developed methods to improve the authentication and communication of data via digital signature, storage and transmission encryption and edge to host verification of data.

Your business function and related processes must be able to identify and map to the data inputs, intermediate data calculations and finally the process data outputs. That is where our NeuStratos® methodology can help.

The Internet of Important Things (IIoT) will bring more distributed sensor data to both the edge devices and the data center servers. We are seeing autonomous automobiles using improved machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) algorithms to navigate complex traffic patterns with increasing safety. At the same time, improvements to automotive energy is transforming from gas to gas/electric hybrid to all electric. The transformation of generating electricity to replace the non-renewable energy requires IIoT balance to increase the distribution of electrical capacity to the roadway and recharging stations while also supporting a growing variable capacity of solar, wind and hydro generation.

The NeuStratos® methodology to collect and catalog the provenance of the data captured at the edge device and relate it to the business function can assist in client value focus.